18 July 2016

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Discover Lighthouses & Marine Heritage

Discover Lighthouses & Marine Heritage :: Things to Do

Killarney East Light

The Killarney East lighthouse, established in 1866, rests on a beautiful promontory of rock 30 feet above the blue waters of Georgian Bay. The stone slopes gently down to the shoreline, its smooth, water-worn face marred by cracks and fissures. These rocks of Killarney seem almost liquid, with gentle curves that slip quietly beneath the waves on one side, while on the other they look like huge red and black building blocks tumbling haphazardly into the water.  Rising up 25 feet from the rock is the picturesque lighthouse, a square, white, wooden tower topped by a square, red metal walkway surrounding the partially glazed lantern room. A complex radio tower poking up from the walkway an additional five feet above the roof adds a modern footnote to the otherwise nostalgic location. Closer to shore, two small buildings hide beneath the sheltering arms of a pine and are protected from the water by a concrete wall. Out from shore, small rock outcroppings raise their smooth surface barely a foot above the water, creating a great hazard for boats venturing into the area.

Accessibility: Grounds are open to the public


Red Rock Point - 1 mile east of the village at the end of Ontario Street

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