18 July 2016

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Discover Lighthouses & Marine Heritage

Discover Lighthouses & Marine Heritage :: Things to Do

Killarney West Light

The first light on Partridge Island, in Lake Huron just west of the village of Killarney, was established in 1866 along with the Killarney East lighthouse. The small lighthouse that stands on the island today is identical to many of Canada's smaller lights. It is a white, wooden pyramid topped with a square, red metal walkway surrounding an octagonal lantern room with red cap and ventilator ball.  But the distinctive surroundings of this light set it apart. Inland, pines cover the land with a mass of twisted limbs, with small shrubs squeezing into any unoccupied space. At the shoreline, the flora vanishes, leaving the beautiful gold and gray rock to challenge the power of Lake Huron on its own. Out from shore, small wisps of the same smooth rock peek up shyly above the surface, all but invisible during periods of high water - beautiful, but another hazard in this treacherous bay.

Accessibility: Accessible by boat only - take a water taxi from the harbour


Partridge Island

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