18 July 2016

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Discover Lighthouses & Marine Heritage

Discover Lighthouses & Marine Heritage :: Things to Do

Great Duck Island Lighthouse

Great Duck Island is 12 miles south of Manitoulin Island. The lighthouse complex sprawls across a large section of cleared land on the seven square-mile island's southwest side. Closest to shore is a modern connection to the outside world,  a helipad. Farther inland, a cluster of abandoned foundations, fuel tanks, and a power house marks the front of the station. Backing up against the trees at the rear is the two-story keeper's house, while just 50 feet away, a thick stone foundation and steps are the only remains of a once-busy former dwelling. Fifty feet farther south is a modern, white one-story, building, and next to it a foundation whose stone marks the remains of another former building.  Rising far above all those structures and small trees is the light tower, an 81,foot tall white concrete octagon with a row of rectangular windows running up two sides to illuminate the interior stairway. A red, octagonal metal walkway surrounds the completely glazed lantern room, with each of its 10 panes affordings magnificent view of the island or the surrounding blue waters of Lake Huron.

Accessibility: Not open to the public - accessible by boat only

Great Duck Island

12 miles off southwestern Manitoulin Island

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