Beausoleil Island Light Range

Georgian Trail
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This is the rear range light of a range formed with Brebeuf Island light as the front light Beausoleil Island is part of the Georgian Bay Islands National Park; there are hiking trails and swimming on the island. This lighthouse is a rear range light; the front range light is Brebeuf Island Light. Not more than a quarter mile east, on the west shore of Beausoleil Island, the 88-foot-tall Rear Range rises above the dense foliage covering that island. The white skeleton tower rises to a square, white walkway surrounding the red lantern room. In front of the light, two small projections of rock spill out into the lake, creating a beautiful landmark of pale brown stone covered in a dusting of soft, green grass. And a small section of sand beach provides access to light­keepers venturing over from Brebeuf Island.

Address: Georgian Trail
Town: Beau Soleil Island
Postal Code: L0K
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