Christian Island Lighthouse

Southern most point of Christian Island
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The Christian Island lighthouse, one of the Imperial Towers, was first lit in 1859. The rugged stone walls of the light tower still appear powerful after all these years, but the ravages of time, and inattention have irrevocably changed the once-busy lightstation. The round tower still sports a fresh coat of whitewash, and a few narrow windows are set into its thick walls. At the top, the tower flares out slightly to support a walkway, but unfortunately the original railing and lantern room have been removed. A short, red metal railing runs along the top of the tower, and a small modern beacon is anchored to a rough platform, all that remains of the lantern room's support.  Nearby, the keeper's dwelling rises out of a mass of green bushes. The rough, gray stone walls have lost their windows and roof and are in danger of collapsing. The ruins' only protection is a dapple of shade from a hardwood planted by the keepers of long ago. A gravelly shoreline separates both the tower and house from the deep blue waters of Lake Huron several yards away.

Address: Southern most point of Christian Island
Town: Christian Island
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