30 July 2016

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Trek to Silver Peak in Killarney Provincial Park

Remnants of the Precambrian age, when Ontario had mountains higher than the present day Rockies, the La Cloche range currently features rounded white quartzite hills.  Paddle by canoe to the trail base, then hike Silver Peak to the summit and enjoy the view from the highest point in Killarney Provincial Park.


Hwy 637 south of Sudbury & west of Hwy 69

T. 705-287-2900


Killarney Outfitters

Killarney Outfitters offers daytrips or multi day adventures to suit your schedule.


T. 705-287-2828   /1-800-461-1117


Silver Peak Killarney Provincial Park

Killarney, Ontario, Canada Credit: artiface1
Silver Peak Killarney Provincial Park

Silver Peak Killarney Provincial Park

Killarney Hike Silver Peak

Killarney Hike Silver Peak

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